Next Mission:
Kill the bitches.


Next Mission:
Kill the bitches.


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You are fuckin' stupid.

You shouldn't have done that.
Because your punishment will be harder with every mistake you make.
If I were you, I would be afraid.

25.4.09 21:11

Better run away.

What will you do now? You can't stop us.
And you don't frighten us. Because we're more cruel then you will ever be.
Better be prepared. Oh, I forgot. You can't. Because we're unpredictable.
22.4.09 21:17

Our mission? Not break your nose. Break your life!

If I were in your position I would stay away from Tokio Hotel.
But you missed your chance.

So let's play this game. We'll win.
22.4.09 16:26

You have no idea how cruel we can be.

If I had your face I would be ashamed.
Smash your face is one of the nicest things we'll do to you.

If I were you, I would watch out.
22.4.09 16:17

Your nightmare has just begun.

We plan everything.
And we'll get you.
22.4.09 16:04

No bitches, YOU don't fear us.

You're really wretched. So what do you think?
Get a life - or not, because we'll destroy it anyway.

We know everything about you. Fear us, whores.

Next Mission: Kill the bitches. Rest in Peace.
22.4.09 16:00


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